About Us

Clarify your goals and grow your businesses

Verace BA helps you to stop worrying about how to start, grow, or exit your business, and start leading the life you want.

With Verace consultants, you can get the insights and support you need to take action on your business problems, without the fear of having to fix them yourself.

Verace consultants do this by:

  • Helping to identify and align your personal and business goals;
  • developing strategies and processes to build powerful teams; and
  • giving you expert advice on leadership, strategies, and plans.

How Verace BA work

Verace consultants have extensive expertise, experience, and contacts to help support you through every business decision.


Client Testimonials

The Verace mission

Verace encourages and enables the development of effective organisational structures operating proven processes to allow business owners to step back from the day to day and really drive their business in pursuit of their own goals. We verify the reality of the current situation, assist business owners with the appropriate capability, support and connections to ensure they succeed against predetermined and planned outputs.