Improvement & Turnaround

How many of these symptoms do you recognise?                                                                                                                                                                            


  • You need to invest to step-change but the money isn’t in the business.
  • Outgoings are increasing as you grow.
  • Converting bigger sales is taking longer.
  • Bigger clients take longer to pay.
  • Management Information takes too long to produce and doesn’t give you answers.


  • Everybody is too busy.
  • Roles and responsibilities have expanded with the business and lack clarity.
  • Long-serving members of the team are concerned with where you are headed.
  • There are internal tensions between different team members.
  • Morale is mixed across the team, not everyone is pulling in the same direction.


  • There is never enough time to clear your to-do list.
  • You constantly prioritise “urgent” over “important”.
  • Communication has suffered; there’s no time to keep everyone in the loop.
  • You are working too many hours and taking work home too often. Home life is taking a back seat.
  • Spouse/children are complaining they never get to spend time with you.


  • There are more sales enquiries than your team can handle effectively.
  • Quality/timeliness of response to prospective customers isn’t always great.
  • Your marketing strategy is not delivering the higher quality customers you need.
  • Sales are increasing, but margins are decreasing.
  • Pre and after sales follow-ups are not being done, there’s no time.


  • Your premises are creaking at the seams.
  • You have a sub-optimal production and operations layout.
  • Your IT isn’t sufficiently robust for your business needs.
  • You don’t have any cybersecurity in place.
  • You rely on willing team members to help with technology.

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